Maxime Simoëns - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

For his first ready-to-wear show, Maxime Simoëns, who has recently been invested by the LVMH group, revisits one of the most famous Russian ballets of the late 19th century, "Swan Lake" by Tchaïkoski. The first outfit reinterprets a silhouette of a dancer in an adjusted, almost sheath, stylized black and white dress, accessorized with strappy heels reminiscent of ballet shoes. The bustier base of this collection can be found underneath or over garments. Architecture which fascinates the young designer is demonstrated by sharp two-tone cuts on little dresses and shouldered jackets. His faded patterns giving the impression of fake stripes are also a great success.

Music from fashion show

Maxime Simoëns : It's Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake so really there's an opera theme, something very feminine, the corolla silhouette is the main silhouette of the collection and then there are several variations, there's more of a feminine and light side, another one that's more strict and more Amazon.

I tried to find innovative materials, I like finding things that are out of the ordinary and then we tried to develop an astrakhan velvet with threads of lurex. We also developed a chevrète, fur that's pleated like origami that takes the shape of feathers, or even a rabbit shaped laser cut which gives precisely the effect of structure, so we're really in the research of materials, and a play of prints too, we have gradients that have been washed so they're very blue or red and have a diluted and frosted effect.

Being part of the LVMH group is something that allows me to boost and it gives me the strength to go even further towards the future which I think will be the prettiest one ever, we'll see.

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